英语作文 应聘营销经理并翻译

您好:Rose restausant,the largest multi-service company in China,

specializes in catering, good accommodation services, facility

management, etc. Due to its rapid development in Shanghai, now we are

looking for talent with minimum 3 years experience in services

management in the following areas: Catering Manager Aged 27 to 30.

College graduate. 3 years' experience in catering. Preferably in

managerial position. Fluent English in both written and spoken

communication. Self-motivated and service-oriented. Sales Administrator

Bachelor degree majoring in English with good computer skills.

Detailoriented and prior working experience as a translator will be

advantageous. Business Development Manager Minimum 3 years' relevant

experience preferably in service business. Bachelor degree or above.

Proficient in English and computer operation. Self-motivated and

team-oriented. We provide you not only a job, but a career in Rose. Our

address is 17Bridge street Fifth Arenue.We are always here honestly

looking forward to your coming if you have enough interest. and please

contact with our HR Manager Alan.


罗斯restausant,最大的多业务在中国的公司,专门从事餐饮,良好的住宿服务,设施管理等,由于上海的快速发展,我们正在寻找具有3年以上在以下领域服务管理经验的人才:餐饮部经理27岁至30。大学毕业。3年以上餐饮。最好是在管理职位。流利的英语口语及书面沟通。自我激励和服务。销售管理本科学士学位,英语熟练的计算机操作技能。detailoriented和之前的工作经验作为一个译者都是有利的。业务发展经理3年以上相关工作经验,最好是在服务业务。本科或以上学历。精通英语和电脑操作。自我激励和团队精神的。我们为您提供的不仅仅是一份工作,但职业生涯中的玫瑰。我们的地址是第五街17bridge arenue。我们一直在这里真诚期待你的到来如果你有足够的兴趣。请与我们的人事部经理艾伦联系。






Dear Mr. Zhang:

I am writing in response to the advertisement you placed in the XXX newspaper for a sales manager in your company. Your company has a reputation for global trading. I am interested in joining such a professional organization.

As you can see from the enclosed resume, my previous work in XXX has provided me with lots of opportunities to contact all kinds of customers and suppliers home and abroad. By communicating with them, I have got very familiar with the international trade and the current market. Besides, my educational training at university concentrated also on international trade which equipped me with a solid foundation in sales and trade.

As such, I believe that my service could be of great benefit to your company in terms of customer relation and new business connections.

I hope to have an opportunity to meet your human resource manager in order to let you know more about me. I enclose a resume and could be available for an interview at your convenience. Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely yours,





Dear in charge of recruitment:


I am XX School of Economics and Management University marketing students, will be more than willing to accumulated years of knowledge and training to your organization's ability to contribute and do my best to create opportunities for your company's contribution to the progress and development of the full power of their own.

XX universities directly under the Ministry of Education is an interdisciplinary focus on a wide range of national comprehensive university. Schools of philosophy, economics, law, literature, history, science, engineering, medicine, management disciplines, such as the nine categories; have 130 undergraduates, 180 master's degree authorization points, 71 points PhD authorization, post-doctoral research center 15; has 16 national key disciplines, the focus of study in Jilin Province to 34, national education and scientific research personnel training base for teaching a , State Key Laboratory 5, the Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of 11.

In school, I seize every opportunity to exercise all aspects of their own ability to make their own moving in a modern society needs innovative talent development compound.. Expertise in the effort to learn at the same time, learning a multi-electronic, mechanical type of foundation courses and two semesters of college physics experiments and metalworking practice, not only developed a solid knowledge and skills, training, analysis of the thrust and the actual operating capacity, but also established a rigorous thinking and truth-seeking system; completed a professional other than the economic field and more courses, and study after school hours a large number of marketing books, such as the practice of marketing planning, sales channel management, corporate advertising, online marketing, so as to improve the I structure of expertise.

"Learn to work in the workplace, in learning how to learn." I have a second fall, but another time I stood up, journey, for the optimism, persistence, hard work is my beacon. I have time and again the leadership of the rich vitality of each of the groups, to overcome difficulties and achieved a remarkable success after another. Recognized by teachers, students praise us more enthusiasm to devote themselves to new challenges, and toward the goal of higher impact.

In social status is about to embark on, I wish to apply, looking forward to the sincere and filled with enthusiasm to join your company, your company culture and enjoy the charm of a dump Evans韬略only give you the effectiveness of intrinsic quality.




Dear Sir/Madam:

Application for the position of Public Relations Manager.

Please accept this letter as an application for the above position as advertised in the JobsPower.com on January 5.

As the Assistant Public Relations Manager at XYZ Company for the past five years, I have assisted in various public relations functions and activities, arranged and co-ordinated press conferences to promote corporate image. I have also provided logistics support to press briefings, communication programmes and other marcom functions.

For the two years prior to XYZ Company, I served as the Public Relations Officer at Any Arts Centre, and has gained experience in editing a variety of performance publications (both newspapers and magazines), writing a lot of feature articles, press releases, brochures, and assisted in the production of staff newsletters.

I look forward to discussing my background and experience in detail with you and would be pleased to attend a personal interview. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely


Dear Sir/Madam:

First of all, thank you for your busy schedule to contact my cover letter, for a passionate college students to open a door of hope, give me a chance to success.

I am a student of Kunming Metallurgy College school marketing professional 20XX level, in the university three years, I have learned some knowledge of sales, during the period of school mainly study the market marketing, logistics management, economics, human resource management, e-com#merce, Photoshop, AI, network marketing, management science, marketing channel management, modern consumer psychology, market investigation and prediction, sell, business negotiation, Public Relations Course International Trade and so on and has been admitted to the marketing division Assistant Certificate. In the com#puter, I've got the certificate of national com#puter grade A, can skilled use of word, Excel and other Microsoft office office software. At the same time, I use after school time widely read a lot of books, not only enrich themselves, but also cultivate their own many skills. As a college student majoring in marketing, I love my major and look forward to the practical work.

As a student out of school early to the com#munity, I think I lack the most is rich in social practice and work experience, this may make you shilly-shally, but I have a young people's enthusiasm and sincerity, a dedicated work attitude and the collective spirit of cooperation, and sincerely hope that your com#pany can give me a chance and I would like to share weal and woe with your com#pany to create a better future! "There will be wind and waves, sail sea", in the new century full of opportunities and challenges, I have confidence in their ability for your business to add a force, I hope your com#pany can becom#e a stage for the realization of self-worth and also hope to win a piece of the sky for myself.

The past does not represent the future, diligence is the real meaning, in the study of the road to develop positive and optimistic, enterprising quality and filled with enthusiasm, so I confident that we can quickly qualified for their own work, and in the practice of continuous learning, and constantly improve themselves. I firmly believe that sincere + hard work can create a miracle.

Thousands of Limayin horses and ride, I need your recognition and the approval, if you can give me a chance, I will more strict demands on themselves, by brand-new appearance welcom#e magnificent tomorrow.

With the letter attached my resume and, once again, thank you in his busy schedule to read them, and sincerely wish your organization to flourish, flourishing! Static Hou your good news!



英语作文 求一封求职信



Dear Mr Ryan,


Recently I have learned from the newspaper that your company needs a secretary. I'd like to get the position.I'm a girl of 25 ad I'm 1.65m-height.I graduated from the English department of WuHan University and I have worked as an English teacher for 3 years at the university since graduation.




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